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Unifying Day Cream , Face Moisturizers - Biolissime, Nijala

Unifying Day Cream


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For Normal to Dry Skin

The unifying day cream meeting the alliance of three essential actions to unify, clarify and protect the skin.
For a perfect result use every morning

Main Ingredients :
he SYNOVEA® HR 99.99% pure molecule from wheat: the Synovea ®HR patented molecule. It is a natural active molecule that makes cell protector.
           Enhancing the immune systems of the protective cells.
           Protecting the skin from the outside attack.
           Acting quickly on illumination and radiance after two weeks.
Jojoba oil: Nourishing restores smoothness and radiance.
Shea Butter: Improves firmness and elasticity of the skin. It helps to restore the skin often damaged by the weather.
Aloe Vera: It has extraordinary powers: moisturizing, regenerating, healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-irritants.
The Solar filters UVA / UVB: Protects the skin from sunlight and excessive pigmentation.


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